Duo Kiasma


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Le Duo Kiasma, nomade et sans port d’attache musical, voyage audacieusement à travers différents horizons stylistiques. Par leur créativité, leur spontanéité et leur modernité, les deux jeunes virtuoses Pierre Fontenelle et Frin Wolter surprennent leur public en combinant les sonorités de leurs instruments respectifs, le violoncelle et l’accordéon, dans un répertoire inclassable, reflet de leur vision transversale du rôle de l’interprète au XXIe siècle. 

Fruit de la rencontre du violoncelliste Pierre Fontenelle et l’accordéoniste Cristian Perciun, le duo se produit régulièrement au Bénélux et a été programmé dans des festivals tels que les Festivals de Wallonie, le Festival Accordé’Opale ou le Royal Juillet Musical de Saint-Hubert. En 2019, ils effectuent une tournée en Chine et retourneront à Taiwan en 2021. 

En septembre 2019, Cristian Perciun quitte la Belgique pour une nouvelle vie. Après six mois de hiatus, le duo reprend vie avec l’accordéoniste luxembourgeois Frin Wolter. 

Premier Prix au 6ème Concours International d’accordéon Accordé’Opale (France) en Musique de Chambre, les deux musiciens, lauréats de nombreux concours internationaux, poursuivent simultanément des carrières en solistes et en enseignement.

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David Hoffmann Trio

jazz trio 

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  • David's Trio can be in various instrumentations, contact him for more details

At the heart of this trio is unsurprisingly David Hoffmann, jazz drummer and vibraphone player born and raised in Luxembourg. After a successful career as young jazz musician during his high school years in Luxembourg, David first moved to Chile to teach music in a poor neighbourhood as part of a one-year volunteering service. Now, four years later in 2021, his studies in Manchester (UK) are coming to an end and he’s eager to re-enter the Luxembourgish scene. Whilst in Manchester, he founded ENKI Quartet with three English jazz musicians and ended up releasing two EPs and organising two tours to Luxembourg and Germany. The “David Hoffmann Trio” will draw on David’s eclectic 10 years in jazz and offer a broad palette of tunes, that can be adjusted to and chosen for any context.  


Clement Jazz Groups

duo, trio or quartet

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  • Quartet with Arthur Possing, Joël Metz, Tom Heck (piano, saxophone, bass, drums)

  • Trio with George Letellier, Stefano Agostini (piano, bass, drums)

  • Duo with Maurice Clement (drums & percussion)

At the age of 7 years, Mathieu started his musical career with Jazz Drums in the Conservatoire du Nord. Now at the age of 19, he has finished his studies in classical percussion and is finishing his Jazz studies. Through concentrating on Jazz, he's had classical projects with OPL, Solistes Européens and OCL. Mathieu has had the chance to perform with Luxemboourg's finest Jazz artists such as Maxime Bender, Pol Belardi, George Letellier, Claire Parsobsm Ernie Hammes and many more. Mathieu is not only the composer for his 4tet, but has also written compositions and arrangements for Big Band Opus 78. Mathieu got a 2nd Price @Drummerdays Luxemnbourg.


Alban Kwartet

2 violins, viola, cello

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Alban Kwartet was born in 2018 with the objective of combining composers of the First and Second Viennese Schools. Their programmes thus frequently feature works by composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Joseph Haydn on one hand, and Anton Webern or Alban Berg on the other hand. Recently, they extended their reach to another Viennese composer, Franz Schubert, but also to the Dutch composer Willem Piiper, who was influend by Arnold Schönberg in the writing of his 3rd string quartet. Additionally, they have a repertoire of light music suitable for weddings, birthdays, or other events. The four musicians currently study together at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium.

Violin: Isaac Pérez Riera, Anne-Catherine Feltgen, Viola: Rodrigo de Freitas, Cello: Glòria Expósito Pérez


Trio Conova


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Le Trio Conova is a musical group that engages in playing unpublished compositions composed by their pianist Vasilis Alevizos as well as music from the classical repertory. Coming from Luxembourg and Greece, the three musicians met in London during their studies at the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Since then, they regularly performed in London at the St. James' Church Piccadilly and in locations like the Teatro Barco in Padova (Italy), the festival "Musék am Syrdall" in Luxembourg and the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.


Cello Octet

8 cellists

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The Cello Octet Luxembourg was born in summer 2018, when 8 cellists and friends from the country of Luxembourg decided to unit their sound. All cellists studied at the Conservatories of Luxembourg before pursuing university studies for cello abroad.


Outdoor Art


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The Outdoor Performing Arts Group was created in fall 2018 by dancer Noa Nies and musician Caroline Mirkes. Both artists come from villages situated in the Mullerthal, a nature reserve in the East of Luxembourg, where their first project "Walk your senses" took place in July 2019. The artists went beyond the use of nature as an invitation to music, like in music clips and perceived nature as the stage itself, allowing a new way of listening, a new way of combining senses, a new way of perception, new acoustics, and the add on of natural outdoor noise. All existence originates in nature. The Outdoor Performing Arts Group takes the audience back to their roots, their senses, their inner conscience, their pure joy.